Father's Day is June 16

We made it! After a restless 16 hours of travel -- I read this month's New Yorker (excellent expose on Amazon and its monopoly on the publishing industry) and Vanity Fair (The Hollywood Issue! Rupert Murdoch's marital betrayal!) cover to cover, whilst listening to Howard Stern -- Yoko and I have touched down and are ready to rock out in Tokyo.

First things first, we've gotta EAT! We didn't touch our food on our flight (Yoko: "What is chicken cacciatore?") and instead eagerly anticipated the bounty that awaited us near our hotel in Sangenjaya. We settled on a cozy soba shop and ate the entire menu tonight. Saba sashimi, fried oysters, pickled wasabi stems, seared tarako (cod roe), and sauteed ginnan (gingko nuts). Be jealz!

And lots of shochu! Since this was a soba shop, we enjoyed soba shochu with soba-yu (water from boiling soba noodles). This glass above was served on the rocks, and looked like Calpis for adults. The zaru soba was also chewy and hit the spot -- a bit of chill for a cold winter night.

Good night! Keep tabs on us on Instagram and follow our eats + drinks throughout our travels in Japan. And beyond!

Photo by Yoko Kumano