Umami Mart Registry

The misokoshi is a tool that we have sold since we first opened our shop. It looks like a mini ramen strainer, but alas, it is for straining miso in liquid. Namely, it works perfectly for miso soup.

Here's a video made by Yoko, starring yours truly, of how to make miso soup using a misokoshi. We always get questions in our shop about this tool so here's a handy how-to video for ya!

Yoko has expressed her love of Sendai miso on our blog here before. From the Tohoku region in northern Japan, it is a darker miso variation without the overbearing saltiness of other dark misos. It is full of umami and Yoko recommends using this for her morning soup.

Serves 2 people

3 cups dashi (I accidentally said "water" in the video. It's DASHI!!!)
2 gumball size worth of Sendai miso
0.5 cup of tofu, cut into small cubes
1 tbsp of dried wakame (seaweed), dehydrated in water

Misokoshi (Buy one here!)
Small pot

Video by Yoko Kumano