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We are ECSTATIC to announce our first partnership with The Trappist, our wonderful neighbor, and one of the Bay Area's most revered beer bars. The Trappist specializes in Belgian, European and American microbrews, and its menu contains pages of specialty beers on tap and bottles. We had one of our first Bay Area Umamiventures here, years ago, and we are so excited to collaborate with them on this very special event.

Get amped for JAPAN BEER FEST! We'll be rounding up 10 different microbrews from Japan (on the list so far: Hitachino Dai Dai Pale Ale and a couple beers by Baird); and Chef Conrad of Seto Ramen, together with Chef Mike of The Trappist, will be making PASTRAMEN. That's pastrami + ramen. Can you dig it?!?!?!

So please join us! This event will be a part of the annual SF Beer Week -- come out if you're curious about Japanese beer, beyond Sapporo and Asahi! That's right, Japan makes beers other than light lagers.

Whether you come for the special line-up of beers from Japan, or the Pastramen, or both (!), you don't want to miss this epic celebration. Come early, before it all runs out!

WHAT: JAPAN BEER FEST: featuring 10 microbrews from Japan and Pastramen

WHEN: Saturday 2/15, 12-6pm or while supplies last!

WHERE: The Trappist
460 8th Street
Old Oakland, CA
BART: 12th Street/ Oakland City Center
Google Map
Column: Upcoming Event


  • Here you go!

    Come visit sometime!

    Kayoko on

  • Oh man, this sounds like the best event EVER. I so wish I still lived in the Bay Area so I could have gone to this! :( Will you be posting pictures? I’m so curious about this Pastramen!

    Christa on

  • Arigato Kayoko-san! I will definitely come visit the first chance I get back to the Bay Area! I just discovered a book called Japanese Farm Food by Nancy Singelton Hachisu. She is friends with Sylvan Mishima Brackett as well as Alice Waters. I think you two should know each other if you don’t already. I was so surprised that Umamimart was not listed as a resource in the back of her book! Cheers!

    Christa Chavez on

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