Father's Day is June 16

Guess what? MOTO is coming to Umami Mart! How lucky we are! Our resident macaron maestro will be here with us this Thursday night, armed with his little pillows of sweet macarons that he has finally mastered over the last few years. Remember Yamahomo vs. Ladurée?

He has come a long way, and today, MOTO is a macaron whiz, fusing together Japanese ingredients to make anything from Matcha and Kinako macarons, to MOcarons using rice flour. He's a genius baker, there is no doubt. Come see for yourself!

WHEN: Thursday 8/16, 6-8pm
WHERE: Umami Mart // 815 Broadway // Old Oakland

Here's the menu for Thursday night:
ANGELA: Vanilla macaron with white chocolate ganache
BARBIE: Shiny pink macaron with raspberry mascarpone cheese cream
MARTA: Matcha + kinako macaron with bitter sweet chocolate ganache

Macarons will be $2 each or 3 for $5. We will be serving tea too, so come by and sip, munch, and shop!


  • OMG, wish I could be there!!!

    Erin on

  • UGH! I would have loved to learn from MOTO because I just messed up macarons AGAIN this week. :( :(

    Have a wonderful event!

    Can I come to your shop next time and make Korean food? :D haha.

    esther on

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