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Based in Brooklyn, NY, Kelly Geary is the founder and chef for Sweet Deliverance, a thriving subscription program where she prepares healthy, delicious home-cooked meals out of her CSA shares. All with fresh and organic produce, she charts out each meal for the week, for her too-busy-to-cook customers -- anything from salads and soups to protein-rich entrees that are ready to be warmed up for the entire family. It is such a creative and enriching business that really supports the concept of "slow-food" and eating local.

In 2011, Kelly released her first book, Tart and Sweet: 101 Canning and Pickling Recipes for the Modern Kitchen. It is a wonderful book, jam-packed with simple and clear instructions for the novice pickler, and all sorts of creative recipes.

I first met Kelly a few years ago here in the Bay Area. She was here for the Good Food Awards, where her Ground Cherry Jam had just won the coveted award for Best Jam. We've been talking about collaborating on an event for years, and the time has come. We are so excited to have her talk at Umami Mart, about pickles and canning -- our first event of the year!

Kelly's talk will cover quick-pickling, and Japanese-style pickles, made with our popular P-Carrot pickle press. She will also demonstrate how to make a brine for pickles, and go over how to properly can them.

A talk and demonstration on pickling and canning, by Kelly Geary, author of Tart and Sweet: 101 Canning and Pickling Recipes for the Modern Kitchen. Yes, there will be books for signing!

WHEN: Sunday 1/20, 1pm

WHERE: Umami Mart
815 Broadway
Oakland, Pop-Up Hood
BART: 12th Street
Google Map

PRICE: Free.

See you Sunday!

*Photo by Ellen Silverman