Umami Mart Registry

We can not tell you how fun it has been at Umami Mart since we've started selling beers and sake. We are America's first Japanese beer shop! And you ain't seen nothin' yet, ya'll. Getting our license to sell alcohol was our biggest hurdle, and now that it's here we plan to do this right. We're building out our back wall to create the UMAMI MART BOTTLE SYSTEM, which will be shelving that is 8 feet high, sprawling the entire wall and into the brick wall, with a massive fridge for all your imbibing pleasures. That's right, it will look like the sketch above!

We'll be stocking our BOTTLE SYSTEM with over 50 craft brews and around 30 sakes, hand-picked by our very own Sake Specialist, Yoko Kumano. And there's more: we're trying to track down as many wines from Japan as possible and we'll have wines distributed by our friends at Selection Massale and by Broc Cellars. AND vermouths and fortified wines by Sutton Cellars and beyond. Hell yah!

This is seriously a dream come true for us, I am practically weeping with happiness as I write this. But why weep when we can have a huge party to celebrate with YOU?!? Oh yah, we're throwing a huge grand opening fete on the 21st to mark this grand occasion. We are indebted to you all, our dear friends, for your support of us all these years and we want to THANK YOU.

Of course, we are flying out Anders Arhoj, designer of our BOTTLE SYSTEM to party with us -- he designed our entire Oakland shop, including the Conbini, so it was only natural that we asked him to design our BOTTLE SYSTEM. He will be here to oversee the construction of the BOTTLE SYSTEM, which will be revealed on the 21st. The shelves themselves will be built by our friends Joe and Devin of Manual Labor. Yes, we like to keep it all in the family.

Our grand opening party will feature street eats by Casa de Kei, music by DJ Chungtech, non-alcoholic drink offerings and more! (Due to restrictions to our license, we are prohibited from serving alcohol at Umami Mart and open containers are not allowed on site).

WHAT: A celebration for the opening of the Umami Mart BOTTLE SYSTEM!

Guests include:
Bites by Casa de Kei
Music by DJ Chungtech
BOTTLE SYSTEM design by Anders Arhoj, who will be here IRL!
And more! Details to come so stay tuned.

Fried chicken by Abura-ya
Onigiri by B-Dama
Sodas by Shrub + Co

WHEN: Tuesday, April 21, 6-9pm

WHERE: Umami Mart
815 Broadway
Old Oakland, CA
BART: 12th Street
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See you all on the 21st! Be there or be square!