Umami Mart Registry

This recipe is for our event Umamimosas with Anders Arhoj x Umami Mart: 10 Years of Friendship on Nov 13th. Buy the Umamimosa Pack, RSVP to the event, and make the drink. See you at the event!

We're making Umamimosa cocktails for our Zoom event with Anders Arhoj on November 13th! Since the event is on the earlier side for us (since Copenhagen time is nine hours ahead), we're making the cocktail as lazy as possible, but still delicious! Whether you prefer waffles and fried chicken, or steel cut oats sprinkled with seeds and nuts, the Umamimosa will pair well with your brunchy feast. 

This recipe is a simple 3 to 1 ratio – that's 3 parts sparkling sake to 1 part yuzu sake. We personally liked the drink on the dry side, but if you want a more citrus-forward cocktail, make it equal parts sparkling sake to yuzu sake. Make sure you drink it in your favorite cocktail glass! 

6 oz Kiuchi Awashizuku Sparkling Sake, chilled
2 oz Shibata Black "Yuzu" Sake, chilled

Kimura ASA 004 Cocktail Glass

Add yuzu sake into a glass. Top off with sparkling sake. That's it! Kanpai and see you on the 13th!