Father's Day is June 16

We are excited to announce our very first field trip exclusively for Sake Gumi members. We're going to Sequoia Sake Brewery in San Francisco! This is the City's first sake brewery and we are thrilled to share with this opportunity to tour the site with Sequoia's founders and sit down for a special sake tasting and food pairing.

Jake Myrick, his wife Noriko Kamei and Jake's friend Warren Pfal started Sequoia Sake together in the lower Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco in 2014. What makes Sequoia Sake so special is their dedication to bringing namazake (unpasteurized) sakes to the Bay Area. This means that we are getting the sakes right out of the tank. They specialize in three sakes: Nama, Genshu (tank-strength sakes with high ABVs), and Nigoris. We are proud to carry all three at Umami Mart, which are delivered frequently to ensure freshness.

Here's a list of what we'll be up to at Sequoia Sake Brewery:

- Seminar on Sake Basics
- Facility tour which explains end-to-end sake brewing process including sampling of amazake (sweet non-alcoholic sake) and sake-kasu (sake lees)
- Sake flight tasting and food-pairing
- 15% discount off all Sequoia Sakes

Members-only Sake Gumi Field Trip to Sequoia Sake Brewery
Facility tour with a sake tasting with food pairing

WHEN: Sunday, May 29, 2016, 1-3pm

WHERE: This event is off-site
Sequoia Sake Brewery
50 Apparel Way, San Francisco, CA 94124

TICKETS: $25 at Eventbrite (password protected for Sake Gumi members only)

Limited space availability so get your tickets ASAP!

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